Here you can find flooring details provided by Tecnowood, a Brazilian hardwood flooring manufacturer.

The hardwood flooring can be sourced unfinished, pre-finished, under private label.

Several South American species can be sourced like Ipe, Jatoba, Muiracatiara, Grapia, Angelim, Amendola, Tauari, Marfim,Tamarindo, Cumaru, etc.

Sometimes, people know the South America species by their English names like Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Oak, Brazilian Walnut, Tigerwood, Brazilian Maple, etc.

All pieces are strictly made under the NWFA specs & rules.

The Solid staves can be 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/4", 3-1/2", 4", and 5" wide; And the length are random varying from 1' up to 7'. The available thicknesses are 5/16", 3/8", 5/8" and 3/4".

You can choose special finishing with high durability & scratch resistance like 25 years of lifetime. Depending of your choice, your flooring will receive more than 10 layers of finishing granting long life & beauty.